Deploy and run your Node.js apps, your way


Once you push your source, Heroku prepares it for execution in a dyno - a smart container with a secure, curated Node.js stack.


Manage your portfolio of Node.js applications using a simple Dashboard. Metrics let you see your Node.js app's CPU, memory, and throughput on a unified time axis.


The simplicity of the single-threaded EventLoop in V8 makes horizontal scalability a necessity. Heroku makes simple horizontal scalability easy.

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Why Heroku?

Leverage GitHub integration and powerful add-ons

Heroku’s first class GitHub integration and add-ons like MongoDB, Postgres and Redis allow you to extend, manage and deploy small, modular modern application architectures without operational overhead.
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Rollback to a binary copy of your app if you break production

Heroku’s build process streamlines deployments and produces a byte-for-byte binary copy of your application. This copy can be restored at any point using Heroku rollback.
How to roll back a release →

Focus on your app, not configuring routing

Heroku configures routes and distributes HTTP traffic for your Node.js apps so you can focus on just writing code, not managing ELBs and Nginx. Heroku routes websocket traffic to the same instance of your app for session affinity.
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Node.js on Heroku
Node.js wallpaper
Download our Node.js haiku illustration

Enjoy the Heroku-created Node.js haiku illustration wallpaper for your desktop, tablet, and mobile screens.