Build apps faster with Heroku Add-ons

Heroku’s ecosystem of fully managed cloud services helps you develop, operate, or manage your apps. Heroku Add-ons are integrated into your Heroku platform experience, making it easy to install new services and manage billing, credentials, or configurations directly from your Heroku Dashboard or CLI. Some of our top add-ons provide extended functionality within Heroku by integrating with the deploy processes, logs, platform API, and more. Many partners offer a free plan, so you can easily try out their services.

Key features:
  • One-click install from the Heroku Dashboard or CLI
  • REST API and tooling for easy technical integration
  • Integrated billing and fraud expense coverage
  • Product discovery through the Heroku Elements Marketplace
  • Co-marketing opportunities through Heroku channels
  • Access to technical engineering resources

There are 200+ Heroku Add-ons to choose from in the Elements Marketplace, and we introduce new services on a regular basis. You’ll find everything you need to speed up your development cycle and make your team more efficient.

How Heroku Add-on installation works

With one click, Heroku Add-ons are created, installed, and deployed to your app. When you choose an add-on, the service is created and the URL for the service is attached to your application (or applications) via an environment variable. Your app source code can access and use this environment variable’s value to interact with the add-on service. For example, if you chose a Heroku Postgres add-on, the database is installed, your app is updated with a URL to the database, and you can even access the database from the command line. See a demo of the add-on experience in the video below.

  1. Choose an add-on for your app

    Elements Add-ons
  2. The add-on attaches to your app which can now interact with the service

    Elements Add-ons
  3. You can manage add-ons on the Heroku dashboard or via the command line

    Elements Add-ons

Heroku Add-ons Docs

“Heroku Add-ons have been essential from day one. They give us a suite of powerful tools that enhance our product and help us effectively manage our business.”

Dave Koslow
Co-Founder & CPO, DocSend
DocSend’s story →

“Heroku Add-ons have saved our team a lot of time and effort. They are really easy to use and easy to integrate.”

Matthew Eckstein
VP of Engineering, charity: water
charity: water’s story →

“Heroku Add-ons, such as Cloudinary, ElasticSearch, and Pusher, have accelerated our development by giving us direct access to industry leading technologies in just a few clicks.”

Jean-Michel Moureolle
CEO, SharinPix
SharinPix’s story →
Focus on your core product

Heroku Add-ons help you reduce the complexity of your implementation and increase the efficiency of your team. They give you the freedom to concentrate on your core product.

Integrate best-in-class services

Leverage the hard work of experts that are dedicated to excellence in their category. Heroku Add-ons are fully managed and supported by ecosystem partners.

Centralize control

Access your Heroku Add-on services directly through your Heroku Dashboard or CLI, including installation, configuration, billing, permissions, and management.

Heroku Experiment
Experiment with ease

Heroku Add-ons make it easy to test out a tool or service before deciding what goes into production. Choose from a rich selection, many of which offer free options.

The add-ons you need, when you need them

Over 200 Heroku Add-ons span the breadth of app development and management. Browse the add-ons available in the following categories:

Popular add-on services from our Ecosystem Partners

Heroku Add-ons include many familiar technologies from a wide range of partners. Ecosystem Partners maintain and fully support their services. For the Elements Marketplace, we’ve curated a selection of tools and services for every stage of app development and operation. View the full range of Heroku Add-ons in the Elements Marketplace.

Some popular add-ons:

Got a service that would make a great Heroku Add-on?

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