Do more with, and get more from, your data on Heroku

Data is key to creating the immersive experiences that engage today’s customers. Developers need fast access to data and insights so they can bring the most compelling and relevant apps to market.

Heroku’s fully managed Postgres, Redis, and Apache Kafka data services help developers get started faster, and be more productive forever. Our expert data team builds, operates, secures, and validates compliance for the three core open-source data services at the heart of developer applications. All of which means you can focus on building data-driven apps, not data infrastructure. Working with data on our platform is all part of the same great Heroku developer experience.

Heroku Data

Heroku Postgres

Heroku delivers the world’s most advanced open source database as a trusted, secure, and scalable service, optimized for developers. More on Heroku Postgres →

Heroku Data for Redis®*

Heroku Data for Redis gives you the open source data store you love with a more robust developer experience. More on Heroku Data for Redis →

Apache Kafka on Heroku

Apache Kafka on Heroku connects the leading open source solution for handling streaming data with an ecosystem of apps and fully managed data services. More on Apache Kafka on Heroku →

Heroku’s flexibility lets developers build with their preferred data architecture and integrate with a larger ecosystem of data providers, such as data from Salesforce, resources from AWS, and third-party add-ons.

Heroku manages more than 2.8 million data stores

Your apps & data on one integrated platform

Heroku’s robust app runtime environment and powerful cloud data services work together seamlessly. With one-click and near-instantaneous provisioning, Heroku helps you get started faster and allows you to work with your data at scale.

Pioneers of cloud data services

Heroku launched the world’s first database-as-a-service in Heroku Postgres in 2011 (we started running it internally in 2007) and the first production-grade Kafka-as-a-service in 2016. We continue to innovate with new features, better integrations, and best-in-cloud developer experiences.

Most popular open-source projects

Heroku delivers the core open-source data projects that are widely adopted by developers— PostgreSQL, Redis, and Apache Kafka. Heroku data services are fully-configured, optimized, secure, and ready for production apps.

Managed and optimized by experts

Our expertise comes from running Postgres in the cloud for over 12 years, and operating millions of data stores today. We carry the pager for database uptime and performance. We have engineers on call to help debug and restore with 24x7x365 support, product managers engaged in your use cases and needs, and more.

Superior developer experience

Our first-class developer experience takes the pain out of working with data. With continuous protection, read-only followers, forks, and more, developers can safely try new things with production data. Instantly up-level the skills on your team and lower the barriers to innovation.

Rich data ecosystem

Heroku lets you build with the data architecture that works best for your app and business. Choose from popular data services managed by Heroku, leverage 3rd party add-on providers, integrate external resources in public clouds and private data centers via mutual TLS or in Amazon VPCs via PrivateLink, and more.

Salesforce data, made easy

Build experiences that deliver customer-centered innovation by unleashing the power of CRM data. Sync CRM data with Heroku Postgres using Heroku Connect to incorporate complex processing with native Salesforce business workflows. Integrate and enrich Salesforce data at scale.

Salesforce Functions logo

Data options for Salesforce

Allow Salesforce Functions to access Heroku Postgres, including data managed by Heroku Connect. Use Functions to publish events with Apache Kafka on Heroku and optimize data access overheads with Heroku Data for Redis.

Secure, trusted, enterprise-ready

Heroku’s enterprise-grade platform assures data privacy, security, and compliance. It allows developers to build mission-critical apps in an isolated network environment with private data services using Heroku Private Spaces. You can bring your own key, managed in AWS KMS, for full custody and control over your most sensitive data.

Regulatory compliance

Developers in regulated industries have the same superior developer experience, even when working with PHI data for HIPAA compliance and payment card data under PCI-DSS, via Heroku Shield. CSOs, CIOs, and CTOs no longer have to sacrifice agility to gain security.

Heroku data services grow with you

A visualization of the options for growth with Heroku, featuring databases, apps, and teams

Deploy hobby or experimental apps

Bypass the complexity of building your own data infrastructure and get easy access to the best of open source technologies. Integrate fully managed data services within minutes.

Launch business-critical apps

Easily assemble services, code, and data to rapidly deliver new products and features. Use high-productivity platform tools to make better data-driven decisions, faster.

Optimize team collaboration

Boost team productivity with built-in collaboration and data management workflows. Choose the data architecture that best fit your customer use cases and team's talents.

Scale your business with trust and compliance

Assure data privacy, security, and compliance at the infrastructure level without sacrificing team agility. Easily build apps handling HIPAA or PCI-DSS data, or integrate CRM data for customer-centric experiences. Scale data services seamlessly to meet high-demand use cases.

Powerful, data-driven apps on Heroku

Heroku gives you the flexibility and freedom to select the data architecture that works best for your team and use case. Choose the durability and productivity of Heroku Postgres, the in-memory performance of Heroku Data for Redis, or the ability to stream data at scale with Apache Kafka on Heroku, integrate third-party add-on services or incorporate solution components from other clouds and private data centers. Need inspiration? Here are just a few examples.

Consolidate CRM data into one data store

Use Heroku Connect to funnel data from your Salesforce instances into a Heroku Postgres database for easier archiving, reporting, and analytics using SQL tools.

Unlock customer insights in real-time

Drive customer interactivity with brand or business by offering data-driven experiences powered by Heroku Postgres and Heroku Data for Redis. Combine real-time data from Apache Kafka on Heroku with relational data stored in Heroku Postgres to drive a deeper understanding of what’s happening and what to do with it.

Deliver event-driven personalization

Create unique event-driven experiences for every customer by harnessing streams of data with Apache Kafka on Heroku. Sync with rapidly changing data based on real-time events, such as ads or news.

Build customer loyalty and reward apps

Offer customers personalized rewards based on relationship data in your Salesforce CRM. Use Heroku Connect to sync data between Salesforce and Heroku Postgres.

“Heroku’s fully-managed data services free us from the time-consuming tasks around setting up, managing, and scaling our own data infrastructure. We can focus instead on coming up with new ways to use our data to benefit our customers.”

Ryan Townsend
CTO, SHIFT Commerce
SHIFT Commerce’s story →

“Because Heroku handles data security at the infrastructure level, we are free to focus on ensuring data security within our application.”

Ross Sharrott
CTO, Moneytree
Moneytree’s story →

“Heroku Postgres is run by people who spend their professional careers thinking about how to do that properly — and that's worth paying for. Often, the cheapest way to do those things right is to pay experts to do it, rather than spending developer time to build it yourself.”

Isaac Slavitt
Co-Founder & Data Scientist, DrivenData
DrivenData’s story →

“With Heroku’s managed Kafka service, we can avoid hiring operations staff and focus our engineering team on development that adds core value to our product."

Michael Wagg
Tech Lead, carwow
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