Managed PostgreSQL from Heroku

Heroku Postgres delivers the world’s most advanced open source database as a trusted, secure, and scalable service that is optimized for developers. Developers can build engaging, data-driven apps while relying on Heroku’s expertise and fully managed platform to build, operate, secure, and validate compliance for their data stack.

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Why Heroku Postgres?

Heroku's operational experience applied to data

Heroku’s expertise comes from running Postgres in the cloud for over 12 years and operating millions of data stores today. We have engineers on call to help debug and restore with 24x7x365 support, as well as product managers engaged in your use cases and needs. This frees you to focus on delivering more value from your data while our Postgres experts take care of uptime, maintenance, and performance.

Scale on demand

Peaks and valleys in demand are business as usual for data-driven apps. With Heroku Postgres, handling them is simple. Our managed PostgreSQL fleet responds swiftly to your apps’ changing traffic patterns, seamlessly scaling up and down in line with your database resource requirements.

Do more with your data

As a fully managed service, Heroku Postgres allows you to focus on getting the most out of your data without the admin overhead. Follower instances and database forks turn your data into an agile resource that’s available for safe experimentation with alternative use cases. Instances dedicated to analytics, new data strategies, development instances, and data warehousing are ready to go in just a few clicks.

Secure & compliant

The Heroku platform is built for security from the ground up in compliance with key ​industry standards​ for data protection. For apps in regulated industries, ​Heroku Shield Postgres​ delivers PCI and HIPAA compliance. As threats evolve, our DevOps team takes care of patching and security configuration so you can focus on building your app. Where data is particularly sensitive, you can bring your own encryption key to ensure its safety.

heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev

Creating heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev on ⬢ sushi... free

Database has been created and is available

Postgres Dashboard

See Heroku Postgres in Action

​Heroku Postgres tools to unleash your data

Heroku Postgres - Fork

Forking a database is just like forking source code. Perfectly clone your database with a single command. Test new schema migrations by simply forking your production database and running the new migrations against the fork. Load test by forking and running your testing environment against it.

Heroku Postgres - Follow

Followers​ are read-only replicas of your databases that stay up-to-date with changes and can be queried. Traditionally, setting up and maintaining replication is a difficult and specialized task. But with followers, it just works. Followers provide horizontal scalability by distributing database read traffic.

Heroku Postgres - Dataclips

Sharing data insights doesn’t have to involve complex dashboards or analytics tools. Using Dataclips​, anyone on your team who’s familiar with SQL can easily create reports against live production data, and securely share the results with anyone using a unique URL.

Heroku Postgres - Credentials and Settings
Trusted data integration

Heroku Postgres can serve as the heart of a multi-cloud architecture. Move data securely between Postgres and resources in AWS via PrivateLink​ or between public clouds and private data centers with ​mutual TLS.​ Sync data seamlessly with Salesforce using Heroku Connect​.

Data security & protection on Heroku Postgres

Heroku Postgres - Continuous Protection
Continuous protection

Heroku Postgres automatically takes care of data integrity with our unique continuous protection ​feature. Every write is automatically replicated to highly-durable storage in multiple data centers. Should a failure happen, rebuilding a live database takes minutes.

Heroku Postgres - Rollback
Straightforward rollbacks

A dropped table or failed migration needn’t be a disaster. With a single command, the ​rollback feature​ allows you to create a new database instance that’s restored from a point before the problem occurred.

Heroku Postgres - Automated Health Checks
Automated health checks

Heroku’s automated health checks monitor your databases around the clock, with the status of the entire fleet under the eyes of our PostgreSQL experts. When an issue arises, our automated processes restore your database to health.

Heroku Postgres - High Availability
High availability

Maintain ​high availability​ of your data with ​Heroku Postgres Premium, Private, and Shield plans​. Should your database instance become unavailable, Heroku Postgres automatically replaces it with a standby.

Heroku Postgres - Security and Compliance
Security and compliance

At Heroku, trust is our number one value. We regularly perform audits and maintain PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and SOC ​compliance​ to further strengthen our trust with customers.

Heroku Postgres - Data Encryption
Data encryption

Encrypt data ​using your own key​ to ensure that you control who has access. You can block access from anyone, at any time, by revoking the key, giving you full control and custody of your sensitive data.

Heroku Dataclips

“Heroku’s expertise with Postgres and Redis means that we can take on more customers without having to pause and think about how to handle the increase in demand on our data layer.”

Jason Meller
Founder & CEO, Kolide
Kolide’s story →

"Heroku Postgres gives us all the benefits of PostgreSQL without having to spin up and maintain the databases ourselves. Heroku has been doing this a long time — I believe they’re running one of the biggest PostgreSQL fleets on the planet.”

Mason Hale
Founder & CEO, Team Topia
SwimTopia’s story →

“We spent a lot of time experimenting with NoSQL solutions outside of Heroku, but they ultimately weren’t the right choice. We found that Heroku Postgres was more performant and offered better value for Sugarmate’s core use cases.”

Josh Juster
Founder, Sugarmate
Sugarmate’s story →

“Dataclips are a great example of Heroku’s focus on developer happiness. Dataclips save us so much time and effort in accessing and sharing live data, which in turn helps us keep our internal teams and customers happy.”

Brendon Murphy
CTO, Kajabi
Kajabi’s story →

“Heroku Postgres allows us to manage some of our most complex data use cases at scale, including partitioning large tables and parallelizing advanced queries. This allowed our developers to stay focused on working with the data instead of building the infrastructure to support it.”

Scott Meves
Chief Technology Officer, Quikly
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