Heroku Redis Browser

The Redis you love, made better

We’ve enhanced Redis, the world’s most popular key-value data store, with a robust developer experience to make building data driven apps even easier. Heroku Data for Redis lets you gain greater visibility into performance, better manage your instances with a powerful CLI. Let our experts run your Redis instance so you can focus on what matters, your app.

The developer experience you deserve

Visual performance analytics for instant insight

Performance Analytics surfaces key runtime metrics like number of calls per command, active connections over time, the number of keys in play, and memory being consumed, on a unified time axis.

Heroku Redis Logging
Real-time, aggregated logging

Fine-grained logs from your Redis instance join your application’s real-time aggregated log-stream and can be consumed via the new Heroku Data for Redis CLI plugin or any of the many logging-related Heroku Add-ons.

Powerful CLI experience

Provision, connect, and configure Heroku Data for Redis from the comfort of your command line with the Heroku CLI.

Redis you can trust, from Heroku

Operational expertise

The Heroku team has more experience and world-class expertise running large scale data stores as a service than anyone. Let us run your Redis instance, so you can focus on what you’re great at.

High availability

Where application uptime is critical, Heroku Data for Redis Premium plans offer higher availability through low latency failover of your Redis instance. We’ll take care of uptime, so you can focus on what matters, your app.

Heroku Data for Redis via PrivateLink

Seamlessly and securely connect Heroku Data for Redis databases in a Private Space to resources in one or more Amazon VPCs via PrivateLink.

Bring your own key (BYOK)

Deploy a new Redis service with your own key created and managed in your private AWS KMS account. You can block access from anyone, at any time, by revoking the key, giving you full control and custody of your sensitive data.

Build real-time HIPAA compliant apps

Use Heroku Shield for Redis to handle PHI and PII data safely  in-memory. Build a new class of real-time apps with strict security and seamless HIPAA compliance, perfect for regulated industries such as Healthcare & Life Sciences and Financial Services.

“Heroku Data for Redis is the gold standard, and we found it to be a natural fit for our service, especially as it meant that we didn’t have to worry about configuration. That’s one of the beautiful things about Heroku.”

Jonathan Denney
Co-Founder & CTO, ConvertFlow
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“Redis has been essential to making more data available more quickly, and because Heroku handles everything, it adds virtually no ops burden.”

Nate Beck
Founder, Pretzel Tech
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