“As Heroku is a Salesforce company, the two platforms work hand in hand. It just doesn’t make sense to build apps on anything else.”

Cory Haber
VP of Technology, Furnished Quarters
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A powerful solution for customer-centric apps

Salesforce enables companies of all sizes to build amazing app experiences that drive stronger customer relationships. Heroku makes it easy to deliver engaging apps on the public cloud that integrate customer data.

Build engaging customer apps

Use today’s most popular languages, tools, and workflows to build sophisticated apps that serve complex use cases. Heroku Platform overview →

Do more with Salesforce data

Build personalized experiences that customers love by leveraging CRM data. Heroku Connect overview →

Simplify security & compliance

Assure app data privacy, security, and compliance at the infrastructure level, including HIPAA and PCI. Heroku compliance center →

Create world-class B2C experiences at scale

Customer-centric apps offer exciting new opportunities for businesses at any stage of growth.


Build your business on top of Salesforce and use Heroku apps as the customer-facing front end to a scalable CRM system.


Drive customer engagement and loyalty with innovative apps that leverage CRM data to deepen customer relationships.


Deliver scalable, high-performance apps that serve complex business use cases for customers and employees.

Integrate customer data into your apps easily

With a point and click UI, it’s simple to get Heroku Connect up and running in minutes – no coding or complex configuration required.

Heroku Connect

Using bi-directional synchronization, Heroku Connect unifies the data in your Heroku Postgres database with the contacts, accounts, and other custom objects in your Salesforce CRM database. Use Heroku Shield Connect to further protect sensitive data and comply with HIPAA regulations.

Heroku with Salesforce Data

Salesforce Trailhead runs on Heroku

Trailhead is Salesforce’s free online learning platform. A small team of developers built and launched Trailhead on Heroku, and scaled it seamlessly to serve the fast growing community of Trailblazers.

Salesforce Astro character welcoming visitors to journey with it into the Salesforce learning platform, Trailhead

Trailhead Case Study

Read Salesforce’s own success story about how Heroku helped a small team solve the business and technical challenges of building a scalable learning platform.

Podcast: The Making of Trailhead

Listen to Trailhead’s lead engineers talk about how they built and launched the platform in six weeks and addressed scaling issues as traffic increased.

Heroku Trailhead Modules

Take the Heroku trail and get in-depth tutorials on Heroku Connect, Heroku Enterprise, Salesforce integration, Heroku’s CI/CD workflow, and deploying Java apps to Heroku.

“Heroku Connect removed the challenge of synchronizing data between our customer-facing platform and Salesforce. It helped us avoid a huge amount of DevOps and engineering work, so we could stay focused and productive.”

Jonathan Lister Parsons
CTO, PensionBee
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“Salesforce and Heroku act as one. We can leverage the development flexibility of Heroku and deliver a native Salesforce experience to our customers.”

Jean-Michel Mougeolle
CEO, SharinPix
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A wide range of technical materials are available to support app development on Heroku and the broader Salesforce platform.

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